Wrap Me Up


This wrap dress by David Warren New York is a great addition to any closet.

Great for any spring or summer occasion!

This dress is mid to late 70’s I’d say from the cut and the fact it’s a wrap dress!

The wrap dress originated by Diane von Furstenberg in 1972

and have reached iconic status to date.

She re-launched the dress in 1997 but this dress 100%

originated from the first bought of its popularization.

There is nothing easier then a wrap dress! Slip it on, tie, and you’re done!

If you have some saddle shoes and costume jewelry go for the full retro look.

Some cute flats and a headband paired with the

modest length and ribbed detailing on the chest

make this a simple, sleek, preppy look!

Made of a Cotton Polyester knit, this dress is lightweight and breezy

wearing a slip is probably the best idea.

Any way you wear it this is a timeless look!

Give me your thoughts!

What decade would you place it in?!

Where would your wear it?!

Love it or hate it?!

I want to know!



Leather and Lace



With the 70’s came a Prairie-Revival!

This dress from Gunne Sax by Jessica McClintock

San Francisco drew from popular

late 19th and early 20th century fashion.

This era of her label was named after the “Gunny Sack”

or burlap trim used on the same earlier dresses.

Jessica McClintock took over the brand in 1969

and implemented the scroll designs

that resides on the tag of this dress

placing it to be from the early 70s!

The brand still exists today making this an extra fantastic find, as her clothes are now more contemporary following the latest

prom and bridal fashions. Its 100% genuine! The lace is in pristine condition no tear or stain exists!


This dress is a unique find,

from the information I could gather about this brand

and the other dresses I have looked at

I have seen a very few with this high lace collar.

Out of those I’ve seen even fewer with the gorgeous

hexagonal neck line and  the original faux pearl

buttons up the back all still intact.

I won’t lie the dress is a teeny bit restricting up top

but its well worth it to achieve this classic look.

The material on the other hand is quite comfortable!

Free flowing from the waist

a white slip underneath a sheer soft blue cotton,

Make this dress a one of a kind find for any collection!

Give me your thoughts!

What decade would you place it in?!

Where would your wear it?!

Love it or hate it?!

I want to know!

Romper Stomper


Today we enter the world of rompers!

Made popular in the 70’s and 80’s ,

rompers come in all shapes and and sizes.

As versatile as a dress

but you don’t have to worry about your skirt flying away!

One piece of clothing and you’re done!

Stylish and compfy, day or night rompers are the best!

The romper featured above I’d  say is from the late 70’s or early 80’s

from the color and styling.

The 70’s had the lighter softer colored rompers

with the more full top halves.

  Where the 80’s rompers tended to be more brightly colored,

a bit tighter, and more revealing.

A great color for spring time, but a great basic for summer.

Wear it to the beach with some sandals

or dress it up with jewelry and boots!

Cotton blend material makes this a great choice anytime!

No tag to confirm my hypothesis

but even in its great condition you can feel age in the fabric.

Pair with a fun belt or wear it with the on built in.

So cute you’ll be begging for more rompers! What are your thoughts?!

What decade would you place it in?!

Where would you wear it?! Love it or hate it! I want to know!


Yellow dress, Locked knees

         Getting in the swing use 8

of things here!

Another lucky Salvo find,

this dress is full on 50’s!

Showcasing an hourglass silhouette

with its broad shoulders,

teeny waist, and full circle skirt

that blows out ever so sweetly.

Buttons from top to bottom,

puffy sleeves and a perfect collared

v-neck make this the ultimate day dress.

use 9

Any spring or summer day is bearable in this airy cotton,

while keeping things modest and stylish.

Perfect for an afternoon Barbeque,

trips to the park, or maybe you’re lucky enough

to actually go swing dancing!

I only wish I had a pettie-coat to made this look absolutely perfect!

Please take a moment to picture how fabulous that would be!

No tag yet again, which makes me want

to high five the person who most likely made this at home!

Though the sewing style at the waist and thread quality

leads me to believe I may possibly have scored

a perfect dress that is over 60 years old!

Give me your thoughts!

What decade would you place it in?!

Where would your wear it?!

Love it or hate it?!

I want to know!

London Calling


Round two!

One of my all time a favorites!

I believe I snatched this one

up at a Salvo as well!

This dress reminds every one of the

British flag, even though this has an

orange stripe instead of red,

you can’t help but see

the resemblance.

This dress also does not have a tag, which is definitely disappointing, but regardless I’d 100% say 60’s Mod!

The Hem is a bit long yes but there is no denying those colors! If nothing else that’s where its inspiration derived from,

since there is no tag to confirm and it is in pristine condition!

This dress is not only absolutely adorable but it’s incredibly comfortable with its flowing cotton fabric.

The 4 buttons at the waist are all function which makes it an extra easy robe styled dress!

Lightweight and breezy for summer! Sturdy with a modest hem for autumn!

Give me your thoughts!

What decade would you place it in?!

Where would your wear it?!

Love it or hate it?!

I want to know!


I Got Stripes

I thought we’d start things off

with the favorite dresses of my collection.

First up, green and white vertical striped dress.

If I remember correctly, I stumbled upon it at a Salvation Army.

From the cut of the dress with the drop-waist  I’d place it coming from the 1920s,

but the fact that it has no tag and is in almost perfect condition

gives me reason to doubt its authenticity.

That being said I could totally see this as an 80s dress.

Punked out to the maximum extent,

bigger edgier boots than the ones I adorn in the picture,

mohawk, bright green eye shadow, and purple lips!

The fabric is so smooth and silky

but not silk, its much sturdier, maybe polyester!

I need to hone my fabric identification skills.

I’m going to ask around and see if I can figure it out.

None the less this dress is a great asset to my wardrobe.

It can be dressed up or down, worn day or night,

to casual fun times, or a party!!

Give me your thoughts!

What decade would you place it in?!

Where would your wear it?!

Love it or hate it?!

I want to know!

Hello world!

Hey there vintage lovers!!!

To me vintage items are vastly more interesting than things made today.

I agree whole heartedly with the sentiment “They don’t make ’em like they used to”.

Clothing styles are some what of an exception as often they are recycled after a few decades,

but the quality among today’s clothing can not match those of their vintage counterparts.

After spending countless hours scouring local flea markets, Salvation Armys, Goodwills,

yard sales, and antique shops I’ve collected quite the array of items from every era.

Here is where I will share them with you!

I’m so excited to hear feedback from fellow vintage lovers!

Anything from what you think about the item or what you know about it!

My main reasoning behind the timing of this blog is that soon I may have to part with some of my finding

I can’t support the space they take up and I need the extra cash to move from

farm country Michigan to the city scape of New York.

Before they escape my tight gripping grasp I want to share them with the world.

Some pieces I obviously still can’t bare to part with

but HEY! if youre interested in anything let me know and it could be yours!!

Cant wait to meet you in the blogosphere!