Romper Stomper

Today we enter the world of rompers! Made popular in the 70’s and 80’s , rompers come in all shapes and and sizes. As versatile as a dress but you don’t have to worry about your skirt flying away! One piece of clothing and you’re done! Stylish and compfy, day or night rompers are the […]

Yellow dress, Locked knees

         Getting in the swing of things here! Another lucky Salvo find, this dress is full on 50’s! Showcasing an hourglass silhouette with its broad shoulders, teeny waist, and full circle skirt that blows out ever so sweetly. Buttons from top to bottom, puffy sleeves and a perfect collared v-neck make this the ultimate day […]

London Calling

Round two! One of my all time a favorites! I believe I snatched this one up at a Salvo as well! This dress reminds every one of the British flag, even though this has an orange stripe instead of red, you can’t help but see the resemblance. This dress also does not have a tag, […]

I Got Stripes

I thought we’d start things off with the favorite dresses of my collection. First up, green and white vertical striped dress. If I remember correctly, I stumbled upon it at a Salvation Army. From the cut of the dress with the drop-waist  I’d place it coming from the 1920s, but the fact that it has […]

Hello world!

Hey there vintage lovers!!! To me vintage items are vastly more interesting than things made today. I agree whole heartedly with the sentiment “They don’t make ’em like they used to”. Clothing styles are some what of an exception as often they are recycled after a few decades, but the quality among today’s clothing can not match […]