London Calling


Round two!

One of my all time a favorites!

I believe I snatched this one

up at a Salvo as well!

This dress reminds every one of the

British flag, even though this has an

orange stripe instead of red,

you can’t help but see

the resemblance.

This dress also does not have a tag, which is definitely disappointing, but regardless I’d 100% say 60’s Mod!

The Hem is a bit long yes but there is no denying those colors! If nothing else that’s where its inspiration derived from,

since there is no tag to confirm and it is in pristine condition!

This dress is not only absolutely adorable but it’s incredibly comfortable with its flowing cotton fabric.

The 4 buttons at the waist are all function which makes it an extra easy robe styled dress!

Lightweight and breezy for summer! Sturdy with a modest hem for autumn!

Give me your thoughts!

What decade would you place it in?!

Where would your wear it?!

Love it or hate it?!

I want to know!



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