Yellow dress, Locked knees

         Getting in the swing use 8

of things here!

Another lucky Salvo find,

this dress is full on 50’s!

Showcasing an hourglass silhouette

with its broad shoulders,

teeny waist, and full circle skirt

that blows out ever so sweetly.

Buttons from top to bottom,

puffy sleeves and a perfect collared

v-neck make this the ultimate day dress.

use 9

Any spring or summer day is bearable in this airy cotton,

while keeping things modest and stylish.

Perfect for an afternoon Barbeque,

trips to the park, or maybe you’re lucky enough

to actually go swing dancing!

I only wish I had a pettie-coat to made this look absolutely perfect!

Please take a moment to picture how fabulous that would be!

No tag yet again, which makes me want

to high five the person who most likely made this at home!

Though the sewing style at the waist and thread quality

leads me to believe I may possibly have scored

a perfect dress that is over 60 years old!

Give me your thoughts!

What decade would you place it in?!

Where would your wear it?!

Love it or hate it?!

I want to know!


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