Leather and Lace



With the 70’s came a Prairie-Revival!

This dress from Gunne Sax by Jessica McClintock

San Francisco drew from popular

late 19th and early 20th century fashion.

This era of her label was named after the “Gunny Sack”

or burlap trim used on the same earlier dresses.

Jessica McClintock took over the brand in 1969

and implemented the scroll designs

that resides on the tag of this dress

placing it to be from the early 70s!

The brand still exists today making this an extra fantastic find, as her clothes are now more contemporary following the latest

prom and bridal fashions. Its 100% genuine! The lace is in pristine condition no tear or stain exists!


This dress is a unique find,

from the information I could gather about this brand

and the other dresses I have looked at

I have seen a very few with this high lace collar.

Out of those I’ve seen even fewer with the gorgeous

hexagonal neck line and  the original faux pearl

buttons up the back all still intact.

I won’t lie the dress is a teeny bit restricting up top

but its well worth it to achieve this classic look.

The material on the other hand is quite comfortable!

Free flowing from the waist

a white slip underneath a sheer soft blue cotton,

Make this dress a one of a kind find for any collection!

Give me your thoughts!

What decade would you place it in?!

Where would your wear it?!

Love it or hate it?!

I want to know!


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